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Banking and Lending

New Jersey Banking and Lending Lawyers

Our law firm works hard to see our clients and their businesses succeed. Part of this process involves securing the proper financing for business entities to start, continue and to flourish. We want to provide the highest quality legal guidance to ensure this happens.

At the law firm of Schiffman, Abraham, Kaufman & Ritter, P.C., our commitment to quality extends to making sure our clients are well informed on all banking law issues so that they can make the best decisions for their business's livelihood. Contact our attorneys, led by Robert L. Ritter, Paul N. Ambrose and Steven L. Davis, today and let us use our knowledge of banking law to help you and your business succeed.

What We Can Do to Help You Succeed

We can help individuals in securing financing and lending to start a small business. We can also help small businesses acquire additional capital to grow their businesses. Our attorneys have helped businesses obtain the funds or structure loans needed to purchase another business, additional properties, or a long-term project. We can also help gain additional resources for purchasing large assets such as machinery.

These types of loans require complex research and are governed by rapidly changing banking and lending laws. Many of these transactions are also subject to complex sets of regulations. Our general business lawyers have the confidence and aptitude to handle all of these needs for our clients, with careful explanation every step of the way to help our clients make the best decisions. We can draft and prepare all closing documents related to all loans taken out for business, making sure we comply with all aspects of banking law.

If your business does fall on hard times and faces business foreclosure, we will work with the appropriate banks and lenders to try and restructure your commitments, whether it is by restructuring a mortgage, renegotiating interest rates or transferring assets to the bank's control as collateral. Our experience with collateralization and working with credit facilities and debt collection agencies can give our clients peace of mind knowing that we are working to preserve their future.

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Banking and lending is an important part of a business from a start-up to a well established corporation that needs more capital. Our longstanding relationships with our clients prove they have trust in us to help them from the beginning of their ventures to the very end. Contact us today and let us use our knowledge of banking law to help your business succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

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We are more than just a winning team. Our firm’s success is due to the combination of experience, knowledge and high-quality representation with an attentive, concerned approach to our long term clients and friends. Whether you need an experienced business counsel, a civil litigation attorney, a real estate attorney, a family law practitioner or an estate and trust specialist, we look forward to serving your needs.

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